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4th November 2009

The petition is closed, it collected 23.000
signatures and has been handed over to the
EU Petition Committee on 3rd November 2009.
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Petition: Abolition of the European Union's economic support of livestock and fishing industries

Promoted by: Nutrition Ecology International Center (NEIC)

- To the European Commission - which created the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
- To the National Ministries of Agriculture EU Council - responsible for the allocation of CAP payments
- To the European Parliament - responsible for the Community's total budget


- The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) subsidizes the livestock and fishing industries with billions of Euros each year by various means of support;

- High meat consumption generates:
1) A significant increase in so-called diseases of affluence, tumors and cardiovascular diseases in industrialized countries.
2) Impoverishment of resources and consequent malnutrition in the Third World.
3) Deforestation of tropical forests to make way for cattle pastures and to cultivate soy for animal feed
4) Enormous environmental impact caused by consumption of energy, water, chemical and pharmaceutical products, by animal waste released into the atmosphere, the soil, seas and groundwater.

- Some European products can economically ruin producers in poorer countries who cannot compete with prices which have been artificially lowered through CAP (dumping).


The tax money from European citizens subsidize ill-considered productive choices, with great direct and indirect negative impact on human health, the environment and world economy.


An end to CAP funding for livestock and fishing industry, in order to avoid the problems mentioned above and to promote instead the consumption of healthy plant based foods with far less environmental impact, thus leading to a diminished fiscal drag at the European level.