About NEIC

The Nutrition Ecology International Center (NEIC) is an interdisciplinary scientific committee established with the purpose of investigating the impact of all stages and methods of food production and consumption, with regard to health, environment, society and economy, that is, Nutrition Ecology.

NEIC's work is aimed at discovering so-called "tipping points" of environmental impact, so as to be able to propose minimal lifestyle changes resulting in maximum benefit.

This methodological choice is the result of two considerations:

  1. People are generally and evidently unwilling to change their nutritional habits;
  2. On the other hand, a change in the nutritional habits of technologically advanced societies and in the trends which are asserting themselves in developing countries is an absolute necessity for the whole planet.

NEIC pursues its objectives through:

  1. Eight scientific panels aimed to analyze the most salient aspects of the impact of nutritional choices on the welfare of humans, of animals and of the planet. Each panel consists of a brief introduction and of a selection of the most important scientific publications on the subject available internationally.
  2. Original studies and researches.
  3. A constantly updated bibliography on the topic of nutrition ecology, aimed at raising awareness of these issues.
  4. Suggestions and proposals for a change in nutritional habits.

World hunger, deforestation, pollution, degenerative diseases, exploitation and death of animals in factory farms are all consequences of our everyday nutritional choices.